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LED Synergy - Leading to Light

"Let there be LIGHT!"

And there was light. LED Light.


What we do for you as B2B partner:

- We import most advanced and high-quality LED products.

- We choose and provide particular marketing and sales strategy.

- You get best advertising and promo of your brand.


What we do for you as B2C partner:

- Competently advise: to help choose the right equipment, packaging, to show how it will look in result.

- Offer most of the products directly from the manufacturer. We will help you to get best prices for products of other importers.

- Free of charge delivery by NovaPoshta or any other convenient carrier.


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News and Useful Information
Thanks to LED technology, home gardening has made in recent years a huge leap - this has never been easy, economically and efficiently. Tiny but powerful LED light-emitting diodes in many respects bypass their predecessors - and halogen lamps flyurestsentnye.   Why LED - the best choice to grow plants at home? 1) It helps you to save 2) It's really easy 3) Ideal light spectrum for plant